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Ulcinj is the most southern town on the Montengrin coast. According to historians, this city is older than 2.000 years old, and it is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast.

What makes Ulcinj famous are its fantastic beautiful long and sandy beaches, wich grain is a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 mm, and looks like flour. From the beaches, Long Beach and Small beach stand out, as well as Ada Bojana and Valdanos beach. Besides swimming and sunbathing, you can enjoy the day by surfing the waves, riding a dragon, or even riding horses.

Due to the favorable climate on the tourist map of Europe, Ulcinj is recognized as an excellent summer and winter resort. It features mild Mediterranean climate and subtropical vegetation which implies abundance of light and warmth, with annually 2.700 sunny hours, making it one of the sunniest spots of the Adriatic coasts. Sunbathing and swimming in Ulcinj can last to almost six months, from May to October.

Our land of 22.232 m� is located on the Long beach, on the area called Donji Stoj, and that belongs to one of the five sectors for the construction of new hotels.

The land is located in an excellent location, a few hundred meters from the sea, with an atmosphere that simply lures you. The plot is in rectangular shape, with a road that leads to it, surrounded by Mediterranean wood.


For the valorization of this plot, it would be preferable to set up 50 prefabricated eco-houses (small touristic prefabricated eco-village), until the realization of the final planning document begins. This would be very convenient, especially during the summer season, for tourist that love quietness and tranquility offered by the Long beach, who want to listen to the sound of the waves and breathe pure air which purifies all of your senses.


Besides this, the company also owns another urbanized plot in Ulcinj, of a rectangular shape and area of 1.579 m�, located in a desirable part of the city, at the start beginning of Teuta Boulevard that leads to the Long Beach, to the left if viewed from the city to the direction of Port Milena and the beach.


According to the Detailed urban plan ,,Ulcinjsko Polje,, within which this land is included, it belongs to the zone A, whose purposes are central activities (business facilities, tourist facilities, residential facilities, utility and service facilities).

In this plot you can build a facility up to P+5 floors with Index of construction 2.20, that means that it is possible to build a building area of app. 3.500 m�.

Enjoy the natural beauties of the Montenegrin coast!

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