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The project of "Villa Rezevici" on sale, Rezevici-Budva

On one of the most beautiful areas of the Montenegrin coast, in Budva, is planned for construction the elite complex "Villas Rezevici". The complex is located in Rezevici, offering a breathtaking view.

Rezevici belongs to the Riviera of Budva, and its close to Budva, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac. Budva is approximately 2.500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic Sea. This city is for years in a row the most popular tourist destination in Montengro, because in it are intertwined a beautiful mosaic of mountains from one side, and blue sky on the other side.

On the hinterland of the Riviera of Budva are expanded the beautiful mountain massifs of Lovcen, that protect her from the cold northern winds and gives it an mild Mediterranean climate, that enchants every visitor that came to enjoy the beauties of this city.


The Riviera of Budva belongs to the central part of the Montenegrin coast, with an area of 122 km2. In Budva there are around 35 beautiful sandy beaches, starting from Jaz down to the beach in Buljarica. Because of this, during the summer season in the Riviera of Budva, daily there are around 100.000 tourists.

From May to October the sea has the average temperature over 18� C, which means that the bathing season lasts for six months. Rezevici are the ancient royal town, which is located in a very famous touristic place of the Montenegrin coast, and only a couple of kilometers away from the well known resort of Sveti Stefan, unique city hotel, surrounded by high stone walls, because of its authenticity is visited by many world famous personalities.

Another proof of this natural beauty represents the island Sveti Nikola, 2km long, and with its position closes the Bay of Budva. This island has three beautiful sandy beaches, which can be reached only by boat.

Budva is well known for its crazy night life. This city is full of fancy caf�s and elite discotheques, which brought the world famous DJs like David Guetta, Robert Rodriguez, Benny Benassi, and others.

Furthermore, on the beaches are organized great concerts, and best proof of it are the mega concerts in Jaz, where we were thrilled by Rolling Stones and Madonnas music.

The summer scene at the Old Town during the summer season is opened for all fans of the entertaining and cultural events.


"VILE REZEVICI" stand next to the famous village of Pastrovici- River Rezevici, 300 m away from monastery Rezevici, which is according to the folk narratives founded on the ground of an ancient temple, and today it is one of the most famous monasteries in Montenegro listed among the cultural and historical monuments. Near it is located the small church of Saint Sava. All this tells about the rich cultural values of this part of Budva, and which attracts many international tourists.

Rezevici are surrounded by ancient olive groves and ancient villas. Ministry of tourism and spatial planning has designated this area only for elite touristic projects. The road from Rezevici to the beach Perazica Do From villas Rezevici you can walk to the unique sandy beaches like Perazica Do, Smokvice, the complex of sandy and rocky beaches Crvena Glavica , beach Drobni Pijesak long 240m with yellow-white sand, Kings and Queend beach which got its name because it was the favorite of the queen Maria Karadjordjevic, and other fantastic beaches that adorn the Riviera of Budva.

Not far from Villas Rezevici are planned and being built hotels of the most famous chains in the world. The main purpose of the building is for hotel and tourism, of the apartment type. Touristic complex "Villas Rezevici" consists one hotel and 6 super exclusive Mediterranean elite villas. The project is consisted from:

- Central building "A", with developed gross construction area of 3038.50m2;

- Apartments "B1" and "B2" which are connected with to the central building and eight luxury villas through pedestrian paths and central staircase which is located outside, with a developed gross construction area of 336.60 m2;

- Villas "C1" and "C2", with developed gross construction area of 718.10m2;

- Villas "D" and "E", with developed gross construction area of 430.20 m2 ("D") and 390.80 m2 ("E");


Hotel and villas are located in on the main road. Villas have approximately 10 meters between each other so every single one has a fantastic panoramic view in the sea side. In order to obtain the best possible communication and for improvement of the content of other villas, it is projected a vehicular access to the villas, and it is 5m wide and clear height min 4m, and as such it is very usable as a measure of protection from eventual fire.

The project supports the construction in traditional and modern combination of stone, steel and glass. Wellness, vine cellar, garage, conference rooms, casino, all are just an additional plus of the complete project, which tells how much attention was paid to the wishes of the guests. Villas have apartments for guests, as well as an outdoor private pool. As well, it will have access to the internal pool at the hotel.

The panoramic view, which is worth of gold, will make future guests a memorable stay. The hotel of approx. 3.000m�, standard of 4 or more stars, belongs to the central part of the project and it is consisted from several apartments of various structures and sizes, and elite hotel rooms. It is adorned by traditional and modern architecture that radiates super luxury. The hotel also will include an indoor pool. As for the accommodation units, modern ,, smart rooms,, with all necessary facilities, with the most modern technology, will enable guests a pleasant and relaxing stay. The project also provides a luxury Wellness and Spa center, modern conference hall. For fans of gambling, in the hotel there is a modern casino.

When you add to all this the great view on the sea, you get a fantastic blend of nature and luxury, something that cannot be described, but only be seen and felt.

Additional information of the project

. Gross area of the project ,,Vile Rezevici,, is 6.590m2.

. Project has all the required building licenses.

. It has public utilities paid.

. Land preparation is finished and the construction works have started.

. Project has the building permit, and is free of any liability.

. Rezevici is about 25 km. away from Tivat airport, and 45 km from Podgorica

We are seeking the potential buyer to take over the project in current condition, or some other form of joint venture. To complete the project it is necessary another 400m2, depending on the required level, which means that the total investment would be completed with 700-800m2.

Today's most competitive prices of these and similar kinds of apartment- villas, rang minimum from 2.000m2 and higher. From this you can easily conclude that the profitability to the potential investor if he would go with the lowest price, would 1:1.

Words are not enough to explain the beauty and quality of these elite villas. Pictures can help to envision them better; however the real magic can only come to surface in "Villas Rezevici" where every villa would be known by its name, uniqueness, luxury, and comfort that will provide for its owners.


More information:
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