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Zabljak is situated in the northwest of Montenegro, in the heart of the Durmitor region, in the foothill of Durmitor, at an altitude of 1.450 m above sea level and as such the highest urban settlement in the Balkans.

Zabljak is a famous tourist center and its perspective, as well as the perspective of the whole Durmitor region, is based on tourism, production of biologically healthy food and small business development, so it is a very desirable destination, during winter and summer season.

The tourist season in Zabljak lasts the whole year because its specific characteristics, and both seasons, winter and summer are developed the same.

On the edge of the town and in the vicinity there are several ski trails, for recreational skiing, alpine and Nordic disciplines, equipped with cable cars and ski lifts.

In addition to specific landscape, among its greatest attractions and natural assets are around twenty glacial lakes known as ,,mountain eyes,,, and which are spilled all over Durmitor area.

The largest and best known is the Black Lake, located in a coniferous forest in the foothill of the top of Medjed, near Zabljak. As one of the main attractions in this area, certainly is the River Tara, known as ,,Tear of Europe,,, whose canyon depths up to 1.300 m, and ranks as first in Europe, and as second in the world, following the canyon of River Colorado in united States.

A large bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, has become one of the symbols of this river, which, although built by human hands and with his ideal line which when viewed from above looks like one of Tara’s curves on its long road, fits very well into the natural environment and looks like it is built as well by powerful natural influences.

In the municipality of Zabljak we own several plots in great locations, with a total area of 48.637m². Three of them are located to the left and to the right side of the main road Zabljak-Djurdjevica Tara, place called Borje, only 3 kilometers away from the city center

• Plot area of 10.700 m² is located next to the highway on the right side, seen from the direction of Zabljak

• Land area of 705 m² located in a knoll near the road, a position that guarantees you privacy

• Land area of 9.792 m² located on the left side of the highway

• Locations with a total area of 27.440 m² are located on the right side of the highway Savnik-Zabljak, entering with a part of its surface on the Durmitor National Park.

These plots are now available to you at very reasonable prices.

The possibilities are really great, so come and see and decide whether we are right!

Additional information at:
+382 20 875 972 and +382 69 023 170,
web site www.europact-mn.com or through
e-mail: europact@t-com.me



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