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Podgorica (former names Titograd and Ribnica) is the political, administrative, business and the Capital city of Montenegro, located in the central part of the valley of river Moraca. Podgorica today is rapidly evolving into an important regional center.

Near Podgorica is located the famous Skadar lake, and with the opening of tunnel Sozina the seaside is half an hour away. Also, it is only 70km far away from the first ski center.

Podgorica as a city with lots of skyscrapers represents a perfect blend of streets and boulevards on both sides of river Moraca, luxury hotels, sport stadium and arena, national and international institutions, diplomatic missions, old and new bridges, shopping centers, and various cultural resources.

Stara Varos, Duklja, Clock Tower of Adzi Pasa Osmanagic, city walls of Nemanjici, remnants of Dukla, Vezir Bridge, are only some of many cultural and historical monuments that Podgorica has. It is one of the hottest Balkan cities, and substantially influenced by climate of the Adriatic Sea.

EURO CENTER is a brand new elite residential- business complex, with a modern office building- hotel planned in its central part. Hotel facility has the net area of 3885 m2 with 30 parking lots in the garage.

The hotel is centrally positioned in relation to complex floors 2Po + P +4 + M + G (two levels of basement, ground floor, 4 floors, mansard and galleries).

Within the hotel there are several entities: • cca 30-40 modern equipped accommodation units depending on the type and size that the renter wants to make (rooms, suites and VIP apartments). Rooms are planed with standard of 4 star hotels or more.

• 2 conference rooms and several smaller meeting rooms. These two conference rooms are polyvalent, with the capacity 200-250 seats. They also have their supporting business clubs and other service facilities that enable the maintenance of high-level conference, with the greatest possible comfort and luxury.

• Luxury Spa & Wellness Center. In the basement are planned two gyms, massage center, water park, hamam... The spatial positioning will enable guests absolute peace and relaxation that this part of the hotel will give the epithet of polygons of anti-stress relaxation in the full sense of the word.

• VIP suites, which will be located on the last floor of the hotel building have their own elevator.

• Panoramic restaurant, which will allow guests to observe most of the city.

• Underground garage for hotel guests and other auxiliary service facilities.

On the basement is located the garage, with the ventilation system, smoke, splinker and video network. Garaging of vehicles is carried out via two-way ramps and shoulder mounted two-way road in a ring.

The project envisioned two pairs of stairs with 3 elevators, two for the guests and one specifically for service personnel, which will enable rapid and smooth frequency, for guests as well as the employees of the hotel.

Hotel has its own restaurant, which is a multipurpose type, and can be used for various purposes, ceremonies, conferences, weddings and similar events.

Above the restaurant is built an office of cca 50 m2 for the manager of restaurant(or any other activity) with an open view to the city, so he could in peace effectively do his job. From the standpoint of location, and from the standpoint of equipment, the hotel is ideal for opening and successfully running a small but exclusive business city hotel, or for similar business purposes.

Another feature of the hotel is that it has its own substation in which the measurement is done at high voltage. It creates less power consumption than the usual consumption of electricity.

Construction of the hotel, as it can be seen from the pictures above, is completed from the standpoint of shell&core elements, thus, can be easily adopted to any brand. Exterior, and external facade are made from high quality materials, both stylistically and functionally. These are first class materials such as marble, glass, stainless steel and other materials that give this hotel an excellent layout, with high-quality thermal insulation. This clearly shows how much love and attention are paid to quality and aesthetics, when the project for constrcution is made.

Hotel has all the required documentation and a building permit, it has paid utility and it is booked in the Administration of real estate in Montenegro. Besides that, the hotel is connected to municipal infrastructure, water supply, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications, and with its own transformer block. This is another feature that tells about the cost effectiveness of this facility.

Note: In addition are attached the plan drawings of the most important basis of the hotel with, the sizes and purposes, which are subject to changing, especially at this stage of development of the interior. Except for a hotel, the commercial building can be used as headquarters of some institutions, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, media companies, or some other businesses.

Hotel is for rent or some other form of joint venture.

For further details:
Tel: +382 20 875 972 & 875 973
www.europact-mn.com, europact@t-com.me

Tel: +382 20 875 972

        +382 20 875 973

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