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 Hotel complex "Vile Reževići"

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We provide in a long term rent, the office building with warehouse and administrative space, with total area of approximately 900m², and arranged open space of around 5.000 m². The building is constructed with modern materials with excellent thermal and hydro isolation.

The administrative part is air-conditioned, and it includes 10 offices that give you a magnificent view on the vineyard of Plantaze 13 Jul, which are breathtaking, especially in spring. It also has a modern equipped conference room, apartment, kitchen and restaurant for employees, functional toilets on all floors, and in the warehouse.

The warehouse space is built from solid material, covered by mont and thermal panels, height of 5m, which can be also used as double area. Within the warehouse there is an equipped workshop for vehicle maintenance.

Arranged parking spaces, for the administration, guests, and for trucks. It also has an arranged parking lot with 10 spaces for the administration, with a fountain in the central part. By installing video, alarm and fire safety systems, the safety of the building is raised to a high level. In addition, the entire complex is illuminated by quality lighting.

The building has a control station, three gates on electrical drive, and its own substation of 250kw and a diesel generator of 170kw. It is located in Tuzi, 10km from the administrative center of Podgorica- Montenegro. It is located near the international highway Podgorica-Skadar-Bozaj, only 5km from the airport Podgorica, and only few kilometers from Skadar Lake.

With all this, this is a multipurpose facility, so it can be used for various businesses, like wholesale facility, grocery mega store, transport company, car service, factory, dairy, agricultural pharmacy, etc. For further details, contact us:

Tel: 00 382 20 875 972
Web: www.europact-mn.com
Mail: europact@t-com.me

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